Tuesday 10 August 2021


One Weird Collaboration

On the 2nd of August, 2021, we had the pleasure of partnering with Madi – Kevin Murphy, & Dulsco for an event first of its kind in the beauty industry. An event hosted and run by Dulsco, the region’s leading stevedoring company. Perhaps you are wondering: under what unorthodox circumstances would a stevedoring firm partner with a local salon chain for men, along with an international hairdressing brand?

HR, Yet Again

To no surprise, the event was drawn out by the HR department of DULSCO. Proposed as an incentive program, and a team-building activity to treat blue-collar DULSCO employees of the EXPO 2020 site with the freshest of cuts and styles for their collaborative hard work.

How It All Went Down

The event started with a welcoming of DULSCO executives, event coordinators, and key staff members. A few speakers went on record, describing the latest buzz in DULSCO’s corporate environment. After which rounds upon rounds of styling took place. A team of 5 from our lounges crunched down savvy styles for over 50 workers that day.

A Limitless Definition

Despite the small time window of the event and the excessively large number of workers against the lounge's barbering team, every worker left the building that day with a style they took pride in. Previously, a haircut or a visit to the barbershop for each of DULSCO's blue-collar staff meant an ordinary undertaking; a way to keep hair neat and clean. None of the 50 workers had the slightest ideation of a bold hairstyle in which they can shape and display their identity, personality, or style. 2nd August 2021 onwards, however, a new definition of style took form, accompanying 50 DULSCO employees to this day.